LAMILUX Glass Skylight FE Roof Access Hatch

The aluminium framed, glass roof access hatch, with maximum energy efficiency

open roof access image


• CE marked quality according to EN 14351 with CE Label product declaration

• Factory production approved to ISO 9001:2015, which means the quality products are manufactured to a consistently high standard

• Fully factory assembled product - producing a superior quality product that reduces on-site installation time

• Enhanced isothermal characteristics in the overall construction – resulting in achieving maximum energy efficiency and thermal insulation


• Thermally broken aluminium frame free of thermal bridges saving heating costs

• Multi layered double sealing system as standard - which reduces the risk of condensation, mould growth and air leakage

• GRP heat-insulated upstand with seamless silk-white interior finish removes the need of internal plastering

• Delivered pre-assembled to GRP upstand - removing the need for creating timber upstands


• High daylight incidence with a light Transmittance value of 80% (reference double glazed)

• Effective acoustics and soundproofing with a sound insulation value of Rw,p 38dB (reference double glazed rooflight)

• Excellent U-values supporting whole product efficiency - Utotal 1.3W/m²K and Ug-Value 1.1W/m²K (reference FE3-S14)

• Pleasant indoor climate thanks to optional natural ventilation


• Quick and convenient roof access, all whilst bringing daylight into the building

• For use with a ladder providing occasional access both to and from the roof for repair and maintanance purposes

• An ideal addition for flat roof commercial or industrial building projects, and school new builds

Click here to download the case study showcasing the LAMILUX Glass Skylight FE Access Hatch installed at Ipswich School

Standard offering

LAMILUX have selected the most popular specifications to form a standard range in the Glass Skylight FE Access Hatch range, with faster delivery times. Simply relay the below product codes when discussing your rooflight requirements with the LAMILUX team. 

double glazed cross section image

Glazing: double glazed

• Fragility TN92 class 2
• Ug-value: c. 1.1 W/(m²K)
• Sound insulation: c. 38 dB
• Light transmittance: c. 80 %
• Energy transmission: c. 0.62

Square upstand image

Upstand: 300mm high

• GRP heat-insulated upstand
• Seamless silk-white interior finish
• Heat-resistant for hot melt processes
• Pre-assembled for quick and easy          installation

Isothermal line diagram of roof access hatch

Framework: RAL 7016

• Thermally broken 3° inclined frame
• PPC. coated aluminium frame
• RAL 7016 - Anthracite grey
• 10° isotherm line for consistent heat       insulation

Roof access hatch

Product code

Structural roof opening size

Opening drive


1000 x 1000mm



1000 x 1500mm

Electrical (24v)

Standard Offering 3D PDF Data Sheet Download


1000x1000mm - Manual

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1000x1500mm - Electrical

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If standard is not what you're looking for

Use the product configurator tool to discover more sizes and options

Design details

Glass Skylight FE Access Hatch technical design characteristics

Energy efficiency

The Glass Skylight FE Access Hatch is the aluminium framed square or rectangle shaped roof access hatch with maximum energy efficiency and thermal insulation. With high levels of wind and rain resistance, alongside enhanced isothermal characteristics in the overall construction – the unrivalled performance of this range results in no condensation alongside excellent air tightness values. The thermally broken “isothermally balanced” aluminium frames feature optimally aligned 10° isotherm line. This means that the thermally broken 10° isothermal line remains within the structure (see diagram) for consistent heat insulation without any weak spots, reducing condensation, mould and bacteria. The Glass Skylight FE Access Hatch also benefits from precision profiles incorporating Thermo Active Design which produces the smooth isothermal lines. TIP Total Insulated Product is certified in accordance with EN ISO 14021.


•    CE marked quality according to EN 1873
•    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to EN 15804
•    Airtight to Class 4, EN 12207
•    Water tightness to Class 4 according to BS EN 12208
•    Wind Load to Class C4, EN 12210
•    CWCT Class 2 Non-fragile

Quality control of component manufacture: 

•    Energy management system to EN ISO 50001:2011
•    Quality management system to EN ISO 9001:2015  

cross section of rooflight

Design detail

1 - Structural glazing design

2 - Smooth crossover between glazing and frame profile, ensuring rainwater can run-off easily without any dirty edges

3 - "Warm edge" (spacers between the panes, made of materials with low thermal conductivity), as a standard feature

4 - Integration of all drives and components in the profile frame

5 - TAD – Thermo Active Design: Kink-free isothermal curve in the profile system

6 - Thermally optimised insulation core

7 - Thermally insulated GRP upstand with seamless silk-white interior finish (RAL 9016)

rooflight open for roof access

roof access hatch with ladder

open aluminium framed roof access hatch

Glass Skylight FE Access Hatch Downloads



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Case study

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The perfect connection

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Technical detail

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