LAMILUX Continuous Barrel Vault Rooflight

The arched barrel vault rooflight for daylight and ventilation in industrial buildings

architecs drawing of rooflight


• CE marked quality according to EN 14351 with CE Label product declaration

• Factory production approved to ISO 9001:2015, which means the quality products are manufactured to a consistently high standard

• High level of stability and safety under wind, driving rain and snow loads

• Manufactured, installed and guaranteed by LAMILUX - avoiding split responsibility between manufacturer, fabricator and installer


• Thermally broken aluminium frames free of thermal bridges to minimise condensation

• Enhanced isothermal characteristics in the overall construction – resulting in maximum energy efficiency and thermal insulation

• Innovative and made-to-order solutions to suit project specific rooflight dimensions

• Frame profiles in mill finish as standard with the option of powder coating to your choice of RAL colour


• Wide variety of polycarbonate glazing options to meet your required light transmission and sound insulation values 

• Optional integrated opening flaps serve both as natural ventilation as well as smoke and heat exhaust ventilation

• Excellent heat transmission values supporting whole product efficiency of up to 1.0W/m²K 

• Choice of clear or opal glare free multiwall polycarbonate glazing offered as standard


• Suitable as a cost effective solution for installation in industrial buildings such as warehouses and halls

• Designed to improve both natural daylight alongside daily ventilation and integrate certified smoke extraction

• For a varety of installation variants within flat and low pitched roofs

• Ideal as a continuous run in unlimited lengths, where individual dome rooflights are inadequate in providing sufficient daylighting 

Design flexibility

The Continuous Barrel Vault Rooflight is the arched design barrel vault rooflight suitable to improve both natural daylight and ventilation into industrial buildings. The innovative and made-to-order solution is available in unlimited lengths, due to its modular design, and in widths from 0.8m to 6m. The complete rooflight assembly is designed to sit on to a concrete, timber or steel support structure perimeter (by others.) The construction weighs approximately 15kg/m² and is installed by an experienced team of LAMILUX fitters onto your fully weathered kerbs (min 80mm wide)

Safety and function

The Continuous Barrel Vault rooflight from LAMILUX is not only the world's first continuous rooflight with audited watertightness under heavy rain and storm (DRI 3.0 m/s²) but it also boasts high levels of wind resistance and airtightness values. Approved in accordance with the European Technical Approval, the rooflight system is multifunctional flooding the industrial building with natural daylight, whilst also offering a range of optional integrated ventilation flaps for both natural and smoke ventilation (certified to EN 12101-2)


Health, wellbeing and productivity

The design of a workplace has a material impact on the health, wellbeing and productivity of its occupants. Up to a third of employees feel they don’t get enough natural light in their workspace and it is common for employees to feel tired because of the lack of light. The benefits of enhancing natural daylight and daily ventilation within the workplace will result in a positive impact on the wellbeing of employees and ultimately on their performance levels

Glazing options

Further glazing options available, please call to discuss specific project specification requirements

rooflight install thickness 10mm

PC10 - install thickness 10mm

• Ug (vertical install): 2.5 W/(m²K)
• Ug (horizontal install) 2.7 W/(m²K)
• Sound insulation: c. 17 dB
• Light transmittance: c. 61 %
• Weight: 1.75 kg/m²
• Melting out area: <300°C

rooflight install thickness 16mm

PC16 - install thickness 16mm

• Ug (vertical install): 1.8 W/(m²K)
• Ug (horizontal install) 1.9 W/(m²K)
• Sound insulation: c. 20 dB
• Light transmittance: c. 36 %
• Weight: 2.80 kg/m²
• Melting out area: <300°C

rooflight install thickness 20mm

PC10+PC10 - install thickness 20mm

• Ug (vertical install): 1.6 W/(m²K)
• Ug (horizontal install) 1.7 W/(m²K)
• Sound insulation: c. 21 dB
• Light transmittance: c. 39 %
• Weight: 3.50 kg/m²
• Melting out area: <300°C

Ventilation options

Optional integrated opening vents as natural ventilation and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation




fixed barrel vault rooflight

Fixed rooflight

Single ventilation flap

Single ventilation flap

Double ventilation flap

Double ventilation flap

Asymmetric ventilation flap

Asymmetric ventilation flap





Pneumatic cylinder

  • SHEV
  • Daily ventilation

Electric motor (24v)

  • SHEV
  • Daily ventilation

Electric motor (230v)

  • Daily ventilation

Chain drive

  • Daily ventilation

Design details

Continuous Barrel Vault Rooflight technical design characteristics

cross section of rooflight with labels

Energy efficiency

The Continious Barrel Vault Rooflight from LAMILUX is the PET G glazed, aluminium framed barrel vault rooflight system with maximum energy efficiency and thermal insulation. With certification to support the systems high level of stability and safety under wind, driving rain and snow loads, the rooflight system also benefits from enhanced isothermal characteristics in the overall construction. The unrivalled performance of this range results in no condensation alongside excellent air tightness values. The thermally broken “isothermally balanced” aluminium frames feature optimally aligned 10° isotherm line. This means that the thermally broken 10° isothermal line remains within the structure (see below) for consistent heat insulation without any weak spots, reducing condensation, mould and bacteria on the inside of the construction.


•    CE marked quality according to EN 1873
•    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to EN 15804
•    Approved in accordance with European Technical Approval ETA - 09/0347
•    Wind Load to Class C4, EN 12210
•    Snow load to max: 0.85 kN/m²
•    ACR[M] Class B Non-fragile

Quality control of component manufacture: 

•    Energy management system to EN ISO 50001:2011
•    Quality management system to EN ISO 9001:2015  

Isothermal line diagrams

Base profile isothermal line

Base profile

Ridge profile double flap isothermal line

Ridge profile: double flap

Eave profile isothermal line

Eave profile flap

Gable wall arch profile isothermal line

Gable wall arch profile

Gable base profile isothermal line

Gable base profile

barrel vault rooflight with double opening vent flap

barrel vault rooflight on ridge

curved barrel vault rooflight

barrel vault skylight

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