Rooflight and skylight solutions for natural daylight and ventilation

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Glass - Aluminium Frame Skylights & Rooflights

thermally broken
aluminium frame rooflights
free of thermal bridges

flat glass rooflight / skylight cut out image

Glass Skylight FE 3°

Energy efficient skylights or rooflights at their best, the sophisticated Glass Skylight FE 3° is the flat skylight with aluminium framing, suitable for commercial and residential buildings. The 3° inclination integrated within the rooflight framework serves as natural drainage for water and dirt which aids the rooflights self-cleaning effect whilst eliminating ponding

Glass rooflight / Skylight FE Circular

Glass Skylight FE Circular

The Glass Skylight FE Circular is a design-focussed rooflight. Not only does this skylight offer high levels of wind and rain resistance but also features exceptional isothermal characteristics to ensure the rooflight encounters no condensation and achieves maximum energy efficiency and thermal insulation throughout the rooflight design

flat passivhaus glass rooflight skylight cut out image

Glass Skylight FE Passivhaus

The Glass Skylight FE Passivhaus is the rooflight from LAMILUX certified to Passivhaus standards by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany. Verified as a “pha Advanced Component”, the highest Passive House efficiency class, the Glass Skylight FE Passivhaus has been installed on many business and residential properties

flat pyramid glass rooflight cut out image

Glass Skylight Pyramid / Hipped

The Glass Skylight FE pyramid or hipped shaped rooflight features unique beauty inside and out, whilst benefiting the building from enhanced isothermal characteristics in the overall rooflight construction. The roof lantern style rooflight is available as a fixed skylight, or as an opening skylight where ventilation is required 

Glass - PVC Frame Skylights & Rooflights

PVC framed rooflights

with maximum efficiency

and thermal insulation

flat glass rooflight cut out image

Glass Skylight F100

The Glass Skylight F100 is an affordable rooflight solution without compromising on certified high levels of wind and rain resistance and enhanced isothermal characteristics in the overall rooflight construction. This results in no condensation from the skylight whilst achieving maximum energy efficiency and air tightness values

flat circular glass rooflight cut out image

Glass Skylight F100 Circular

A skylight suitable for flat roof residential and administrative or school building projects. The Glass Skylight F100 Circular features an aethetic pleasing rooflight design alongside the enhanced isothermal characteristics featured in the classic square and rectangular shaped rooflight version

Dome Rooflights

domed rooflights
watertight tested
against driving rain

Rooflight F100 W

The Rooflight F100 W offers a cost effective rooflight, redied for future weather challenges. Designed with structural rigidity, delivering enahanced load transfers and facilitating an effortless installation, the polycarbonate rooflight dome withstands high levels of wind, snow and rain resistance

Circular rooflight dome

Rooflight F100 Circular

The domed Rooflight F100 Circular makes an ideal circular shaped addition for flat roof commercial or industrial building projects with daylight and ventilation requirments, and is particularly popular with School rooflight renovations

Atrium Glass Roof

flat atrium glass roofs 
suitable for pitches
as shallow as 3°

internal view of glass roof rooflight

Glass Roof PR60

The LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60 features virtually free shaping for atrium glass rooflight designs from pitches as low as 3° - making it possible to implement more or less any aesthetically pleasing and technically complex rooflight construction

internal view of glass passivhaus rooflight

Glass Roof PR60 Passivhaus

The LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60 Passivhaus combines all the Glass Roof PR60 rooflight advantages with PHA certification to certify the highest level of airtightness and heat-insulation values to almost any bespoke atrium glass roof rooflight designs

Barrel Vault Rooflight & Translucent Façade

rooflight and façade glazing

systems for illuminating

industrial buildings

barrel vault rooflight with opening vent

Continuous Barrel Vault Rooflight

The Continuous Barrel Vault rooflight is the arched design rooflight suitable to improve both natural daylight and ventilation within industrial buildings. Integrated flaps for both natural and smoke ventilation can be specified within the rooflight design for bulding users comfort and safety

Wall façade with opening vents

Translucent Façade and Roof

The Translucent Façade and Roof is the polycarbonate glazing system, suitable for application in both façades and roofs, featuring building protection, daylight and ventilation for installation in industrial buildings such as warehouses and halls

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