LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60

The high-performance atrium glass roof for specification led buildings tailored to your project

Atrium glass roof internal view


• CE marked quality according to EN 14351 with CE Label product declaration

• Factory production approved to ISO 9001:2015, which means the quality products are manufactured to a consistently high standard

• Manufactured, installed and guaranteed by LAMILUX - avoiding split responsibility between manufacturer, fabricator and installer

• Enhanced isothermal characteristics in the overall construction – resulting in achieving maximum energy efficiency and thermal insulation


• Can be pitched as low as 3° - ideal for any flat roof glass atria rooflight specification

• Large spanning system which can self-span up to six metres - removing the need for any intermediate steel purlins or support framework

• Thermally optimised aluminium frame, free of cold bridges for maximum energy efficiency, powder coated to your choice of RAL colour

• Flexible shaping to suit the design of individual project needs


• Range of glazing options to meet your required light transmission, solar control and sound insulation values

• Optional integrated opening flaps serve both as natural ventilation as well as smoke and heat exhaust ventilation

• Watertight tested against wind driven rain down to 3° slope ensuring a completely watertight solution

• Excellent heat transmission values supporting whole product efficiency of up to 1.2 W/m²K 


• Suited for application within all commercial glass roof projects

• Improving performance and well-being, due to daylight and ventilation, in sectors including health, office, leisure, administrative and education 

• Ideal for aesthetic buildings requiring virtually free shaping atrium glass roof designs from pitches as low as 3° 

• Click here to download case studies showcasing some of the LAMILUX U.K's PR60 Glass Roof projects

Design flexibility

Flat glass atrium rooflights are a popular choice for architectural building design. The LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60 features virtually free shaping for atrium glass roof designs from pitches as low as 3° - making it possible to implement more or less any aesthetically pleasing and technically complex daylight construction. Offering choice and flexibility in glazing, ventilation and framework colour options, the LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60 is an architects dream product when specifying glass roofs

Technical properties

With trademark features including an attractive design, coupled with the highest level of airtightness and excellent heat-insulation values, the PR60 boasts architectural charm both aesthetically and with its technical properties. The glazing system is watertight tested on the slope to 1950 Pascals which means it is suitable for shallow pitch inclinations and guarantees no leaks in extremely high winds & driving rain. Effective soundproofing reduces the impact of unwanted noise to the interior and as standard the thermal engineering means it features excellent U-values, moreover, it is also available in a Passivhaus certified version

More information about Glass Roof PR60 Passivhaus

BIM model

Designed with set parameters the LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60 is available as both a ceiling and roof revit which enables architects and BIM designers the chance to design in a way that suits them best. The BIM model also allows for modifiable inclinations of the rooflight to match your roof, adjustable overall dimensions of the rooflight for your requirements and adaptable support distance examples, with many more possibilities which can be calculated specific to your project. Visit the worlds leading BIM platform to view the full range of LAMILUX BIM models

Get the PR60 BIM model

Glass Roof PR60

Product accessories

opening vent image

PR60 opening vents

• Integrated within Glass Roof PR60
• Compatible with all systems available on         the market
• Opening for daily ventilation (230v) 
• Opening for SHEV (24v) 
• Vent length up to 3.0 m
• Maximum vent area of 3.0 m² 

sun protection blind

Sun protection

• Externally mounted shading system
• Fabric sun blind
• Electrically controllable

Design details

Glass Roof PR60 technical design characteristics

Energy efficiency

The Glass Roof PR60 is the mullion and transom glass roof system with optional ventilation. With aluminium profiles, the glazing system ensures maximum energy efficiency and thermal insulation. With high levels of wind and rain resistance, alongside enhanced isothermal characteristics in the overall construction – the unrivalled performance of this range results in no condensation alongside excellent air tightness values. The thermally broken “isothermally balanced” aluminium frames feature optimally aligned 10° isotherm line. This means that the thermally broken 10° isothermal line remains within the structure (see diagrams) for consistent heat insulation without any weak spots, reducing condensation, mould and bacteria. The Glass Roof PR60 also benefits from precision profiles incorporating Thermo Active Design which produces the smooth isothermal lines. TIP Total Insulated Product is certified in accordance with EN ISO 14021.


•    CE marked quality according to EN 1873
•    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to EN 15804
•    Airtight to Class 4, EN 12207
•    Water tightness tested down to 3° slope to Class 4 according to BS EN 12208
•    Wind Load to Class C4, EN 12210
•    Typical U-value verification in accordance with EN ISO 10077-1 and 10077-2
•    System U-value: Double Glazed Thermal transmittance of glazing system:
      Ug approx.1.1 W/m²K. Umt ≤ 1.30 W/m²K 

Quality control of component manufacture: 

•    Energy management system to EN ISO 50001:2011
•    Quality management system to EN ISO 9001:2015  

cross section of rooflight

Design detail

1. Glazing: Double glazing as standard with toughened outer and laminated safety inner glazing. Please contact LAMILUX to discuss your projects specific glazing requirements
2. Aluminium cover strip available with optional cover profile (your choice of RAL colour)    
3. Stainless steel screw with gasket with optional external cover caps
4. Outer seal: EPDM to give high degree of driving rain tightness and airtightness
5. Inner seal: EPDM with water drainage
6. Rafters / bars of aluminium designed with narrow profiles to give high intake of daylight

Isothermal line diagrams

Rafters isothermal diagram


Eaves isothermal diagram


curved glass roof

long glass rooflight

external view of large area of glazing

Glass roof internal view

inclined rooflight

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Case study

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