LAMILUX Glass Skylight FE Passivhaus

Independently tested & certified by The Passive House Institute in Darmstadt as a Passivhaus certified rooflight for flat roofs

flat passivhaus glass rooflight cut out image

The Glass Skylight FE Passivhaus has been certified by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany. This skylight therefore meets the criteria for one of the most sustainable trends in contemporary construction and is suitable for the most demanding type of energy-efficient construction. The Passive House efficiency classes take into account heat loss and solar energy gain. Minimum heat loss is achieved due to the frame system design have excellent U values and low glass edge Ψ-values. In addition, the narrow frame profiles maximise solar gain.

Features and benefits


• Independently tested & certified by The Passive House Institute in Darmstadt 

• Fully factory assembled product - producing a superior quality product 

• Eliminates the risk of using a non-compliant component and the associated costs of failure

• Factory production approved to ISO 9001:2015, which means the quality products are manufactured to a consistently high standard


• Insulated upstand is included and covered by the Passivhaus certification with a U-value of <= 0.3W/m²K - providing the perfect interface with the roof

• Easy PHPP calculations, as our product data is pre-loaded into the PHPP software

• GRP heat-insulated upstand with seamless silk-white interior finish removes the need of internal plastering

• Quadruple glazing as standard to fulfil the Passive House efficiency class: phC certified component


• Isothermally balanced: the 12.6° isothermal line remains within the rooflight structure, preventing condensate and mould which improves comfort and hygiene 

• Effective acoustics and soundproofing with a sound insulation value of Rw,p 39dB

• High daylight incidence with a light Transmittance value of 66% (reference standard glazing)

• Increasingly pleasant indoor climate available with optional natural ventilation and sun protection


• Suitable for eco-friendly, low-energy residential and commercial new buildings and energy-efficient renovations looking to achieve Passivhaus certification

• For application within flat roofs, or roofs with an inclination of up to a 25° pitch

• Providing ultra-low energy consumption for lighting, heating and cooling, and consistently good air quality

• Click here to download the case study showcasing Bicester Eco Business Centre

Glass Skylight FE Passivhaus

Product options

structural roof opening size

Available dimensions: Structural roof opening

800 x 800mm
900 x 900mm
900 x 1200mm
1000 x 1000mm
1000 x 1500mm
1000 x 2000mm
1200 x 1200mm
1200 x 1500mm
1500 x 1500mm
1800 x 1800mm

rooflight upstand

Choice of upstand: 500mm high / 500mm high 5° inclination

• GRP heat-insulated upstand included and covered by Passivhaus certification (U-value <= 0.3W/m²K)
• Seamless silk-white (RAL 9016) interior finish
• Rooflight delivered pre-assembled to upstand for quick and easy installation

Passivhaus glazing

Glazing: Quadruple glazing as standard

• Ug-value: c. 0.56 W/(m²K)
• Sound insulation: c. 39 dB
• Light transmittance: c. 66 %
• Energy transmission: c. 0.49
• Other glazing options available upon request: please call to discuss specific specification requirements including solar control coating

Ral colour chart for rooflight framework


• Powder coated framework to your choice of RAL colour
• Optionally dual powder coating available if different internal and external finishes preferred

Passivhaus certified

Ventilation options

opening passivhaus rooflight with motor
Passivhaus Smoke Vent

Optional: Passivhaus Certified Skylight opening for daily ventilation

• 230v chain drive
• Concealed with covering panel
• 300mm stroke length
• Hinged as standard on short side

Consideration must be made on pitched roofs regarding hinge position orientation - please call 01284 749051 to speak to a sales advisor for guidance

Optional: Passivhaus Certified Smoke Ventilation AOV's

New to the marketplace in 2024, LAMILUX can now offer the first Passivhaus certified smoke vent rooflight the LAMILUX Smoke Lift Glass Skylight FE Passivhaus.  

• Fully CE marked and certified in acc. to EN12101-2
• 24v robust SHEV actuation: open to 165° in <60 seconds
• Hinged as standard on short side

Consideration must be made on pitched roofs regarding hinge position orientation - please call 01284 749051 to speak to a sales advisor for guidance

Glass Skylight FE Passivhaus

Shading accessories

External shading Fabric roller blind

External shading: Fabric roller blind

• Sun protection with UV protection factor (UPF) UPF50+ 
• Electrically operably (230V) with concealed cable routing through the upstand 

rooflight with external blind

External shading: Aluminium blind

• Sun protection via electrically operable external roller blind
• Can be supplied in a variety of colours

Design details

Glass Skylight FE Passivhaus technical design characteristics

Energy efficiency

The Glass Skylight FE Passivhaus fulfils the requirements as a certified Passive House efficiency class: phC component with its heat transfer coefficent USL of 0.85 w/(m²k). Featuring a triple step sealing system alongside its optimised insulation core, the aluminium framed quadruple glazed FE Passivhaus skylight offers maximum energy efficiency and thermal insulation. With high levels of wind and rain resistance, alongside enhanced isothermal characteristics in the overall construction – the unrivalled performance of this range results in no condensation alongside excellent air tightness values. The thermally broken “isothermally balanced”aluminium frames feature optimally aligned 12.6° isotherm line. This means that the thermally broken 12.6° isothermal line remains within the structure (diagram available on request) for consistent heat insulation without any weak spots, reducing condensation, mould and bacteria. The TIP (Total Insulated Product) is certified in accordance with EN ISO 14021.


•    CE marked quality according to EN 14351
•    Certified to Passive House efficiency class: C
•    Comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) according to EN        15804, EN ISO 14040 and EN ISO 14044
•    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to EN 15804
•    Air permeability to Class 4 according to BS EN 1026
•    Water tightness to Class 4 according to BS EN 12208
•    Wind Load to Class C5, EN 12211
•    CWCT Class 2 Non-fragile
•    Thermally broken: 12.6° isothermal line remains within the structure 
•    Easy PHPP calculations with product data pre-loaded into the PHPP software

Quality control of component manufacture: 

•    Energy management system to EN ISO 50001:2011
•    Quality management system to EN ISO 9001:2015  

multiple passivhaus modular skylights

passivhaus rooflight

Passivhaus school rooflight

passivhaus rooflights

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