Passivhaus rooflights - certified Passive House flat roof skylights and glass roof system

an essential feature in the design and construction of Passivhaus buildings

LAMILUX Passivhaus rooflights - phA Components

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Passivhaus certified open rooflight

Glass Skylight FE Passivhaus

The Glass Skylight FE Passivhaus has been certified by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany as a “pha Advanced Component”, the highest Passive House efficiency class. This skylight therefore meets the criteria for one of the most sustainable trends in contemporary construction and is suitable for the most demanding type of energy-efficient construction. The Passive House efficiency classes take into account heat loss and solar energy gain. Minimum heat loss is achieved due to the frame system design providing excellent U values and low glass edge Ψ-values. In addition, the narrow frame profiles maximise solar gain

internal view of glass roof

Glass Roof PR60 Passivhaus

The LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60 Passivhaus features virtually free shaping for atrium glass roof designs from pitches as low as 3° - making it possible to implement more or less any aesthetically pleasing and technically complex daylight construction. With trademark features including an attractive design, coupled with the highest level of airtightness and excellent heat-insulation values, the PR60 boasts exceptionally watertight properties, which guarantees no leaks in extremely high winds & driving rain, and effective soundproofing, which reduces the impact of unwanted noise to the interior of Passive House buildings

Passivhaus rooflight case studies

Passive House glass atrium internal view

University of Leicester's Centre for Medicine

The University of Leicester’s Centre for Medicine is officially the largest non-residential Passivhaus building in the UK and has gone on to win many awards for the buildings outstanding performance. LAMILUX designed, supplied and installed two Passivhaus certified glass roofs, each measuring 6.5m x 15.6m.

Why LAMILUX were chosen ?

  • Passivhaus / Passive House approved was required 
  • LAMILUX could install with a surface inclination of just 3°
  • Opening vents were required to be integrated within the glass roofs
sports hall lit up with Passive House rooflight

Harris Academy Sutton Secondary School

Harris Academy Sutton is the first, and largest Passivhaus secondary school in the UK and has gone on to be recognized for the buildings outstanding performance. LAMILUX designed, supplied and installed ten Glass Roof PR60 Passivhaus rooflights throughout the corridors, assembly hall and sports hall areas of the School, bringing high levels of daylight to public areas within the four-story building. The triple glazed, Passivhaus certified rooflights were designed with integrated opening vents to further enhance the environment with natural ventilation


rafters internal view of PH rooflight

Bicester Eco Business Centre - Oxfordshire

Bicester Eco Business Centre is a one-of-a-kind hub providing 125 modern workspaces whilst supporting start-ups and small businesses. Featuring a total of 25 LAMILUX skylights, comprising 18 Glass Skylight FE Passivhaus, 6 Smoke Lift Glass Skylight FE AOV’s and 1 Glass Skylight FE Access Hatch, the new Bicester Eco Business centre has exceeded Passive House standards and gone on to become the UK’s first Passivhaus Plus non-domestic building. The plus standard rewards passive house projects that also generate a certain amount of on-site renewable energy

Passivhaus rooflight in kitchen

Potton Show Homes - Cambridgeshire

The Potton Self Build Show Centre in St Neots hosts LAMILUX’s Glass Roof PR60 Passivhaus certified roof glazing system within one of the five show homes. The Self Build Show Centre was designed to inspire self-builders and is used to showcase a series of high end products. The development of the show house required a product that could have a wall abutment both to the side, and head of the roof glazing. With a Ucwi (U-value for installed system) of ≤ 1.00 W/m²K and a glazing sound insulation value of 38dB, the high end Passive House rooflight compliments the modern show home injecting elegance and of course natural daylight

Why Choose LAMILUX Passivhaus Rooflights?:

LAMILUX understand the importance of high quality components on Passive House buildings

The energy-efficiency qualities of structural components have become an all-important factor in contemporary construction – and Passive House design as the highest standard of energy efficiency is now a hot topic. LAMILUX understand the importance of high-quality components on Passivhaus buildings, which is why with the LAMILUX Passivhaus rooflight products, you are in safe hands in terms of energy efficiency. The LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60 Passivhaus system sets the benchmark for energy efficient large area atrium glazing with a total product Ucwi value of between 0.81 <= 1.00 W/m²K. For smaller areas, the LAMILUX Glass Skylight FE Passivhaus flat roof modular Passivhaus rooflights offer an outstanding solution, with a USL value of <= 0.84 W/m²K

As well as state-of-the-art thermal performance, both LAMILUX Passivhaus rooflight systems offer excellent aesthetics with a wide range of sizes, options and accessories. All LAMILUX Passivhaus rooflights feature:

•    Independently certified by the Passive House Institute

•    phA Advanced components: the highest efficiency class

•    Easy PHPP calculations: data pre-loaded in PHPP software

•    Isothermally balanced structure: 12.6° isothermal line remains within the passivhaus rooflight structure, thus preventing condensate and mould formation, improving comfort & hygiene

•    Eliminated risk and the associated costs of failure you face if using non-certified components

•    Insulated upstand kerb: covered by certification with a U-value of just 0.3W/m²k and supplied as standard with the modular flat roof passivhaus rooflights - it provides the perfect structural roof interface 

•    Design freedom: glass roof system can be installed < 3° pitch, meaning you can design atriums any shape, size & inclination


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